On “Carol Burnett,” Don Rickles and Harvey Korman can’t stop laughing.

Don Rickles shouts at a woman in the “The Shoe Business” segment from “The Carol Burnett Show” to leave his store. You don’t need a shoe store, he informs her. You must hire a blacksmith. Don is threatened with termination by Harvey Korman, who plays the business owner. Korman offers Rickles one more opportunity after he makes a politeness pledge.

Nanette Fabray’s sinister character, who enters, starts causing issues for Don. She needs the reasonably priced bunny shoes. Wear makes a lot of effort to sell the thing, but she rejects him. She asks for evening shoes and launches into an incredibly dull story that drives Don insane.

You don’t need to quantify me, she said. I’m a triple-A five. Don climbs a step stool to find the perfect pair. She makes a comment on Don’s thinning top head’s gaze. She would rather wear the shoes he brought, but she decides to wear a burgundy dress.

She said, “What goes with burgundy?” He responds angrily, “Cheddar!” The audience breaks out in laughter. He acts as though he will keep her despite her good faith, but he keeps it together. Wear finally succeeds in removing the lady’s old shoe by falling off the stool because he appears to be unable to do so otherwise.

The last time you wore a five triple-A woman, according to wear, was when she was wearing baby booties! I always end up with small feet, she responds. Don comments, “Miniature feet? I last saw a foot like yours with a bear attached to it! Don yells and rants as she exits the store as the argument becomes disgusting. When his chief Harvey Korman approaches from behind him and lashes out at him, he is genuinely yelling.

Wear snaps and takes Korman’s coat’s bloom off. Korman claims, “Savage!” This surprises Don, and the two men veer from their personas to start giggling. Where does it say he has the line, Savage?, asks Wear.

They can’t look at the audience or the camera when they are laughing. The two men’s antics have made each other insane, and the crowd loves it. The Carol Burnett Show was so distinctive because of these crucial minutes!

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On “Carol Burnett,” Don Rickles and Harvey Korman can’t stop laughing.
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