Little kids have the funniest reactions to the fish in the aquarium.

Children have an uncanny ability to make us laugh and be ridiculous. Their reactions are often astounding, and the children in this compilation become rather emotional. It makes us all grateful for adorable and amusing kid video clips.

In one video, a little child is seen standing in front of a glass that had a small fish swimming by. The child is silent for a little moment before crying out with a cry that is louder than a trumpet. He gives his mother a terrified look as she comforts him.

Another shocking image shows two kids watching as a shark swims by in a green aquarium. The younger child scrunches his nose, yells, and stares directly at the camera before the toddler calls out, “Woah!”

Then a little girl comes over, grins, and points at the tank. A stingray then appears on the window, prompting the mother to warn, “It’s going to get you.” The young woman slowly retreats, shakes her head, and rushes to her mother. Stingray, not today!

When a dolphin swims by in another video, two girls stand in front of a dolphin tank. The elder girl waves, but the younger girl turns to face the dolphin, staggering backward and flailing her arms

In front of a gigantic shark tank, two boys run in circles. After witnessing the large shark just in front of him, the younger one flees into the tank and collapses to the bottom. Following that, a child leans against the pool’s ledge, and a dolphin leaps up with its jaws extended to greet him. Fearful, the child flees and shouts.

Another film shows a scuba diver in the tank, and a youngster turns around and runs away as soon as he sees him. These hilarious kid video are a terrific selection of outstanding kids’ reactions to these aquatic marvels.

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Little kids have the funniest reactions to the fish in the aquarium.
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