Prayers are requested for Peyton Hills, who saved his children from drowning but is still in critical care.

Former running back for the Cleveland Browns and Arkansas Razorbacks, Peyton Hillis, has been fighting for his life since last week. The brave former Football star suffered a terrible swimming accident on January 5 in Pensacola, Florida.

Hillis saved his children from drowning. Lifeguards and medical personnel attended to Hillis on the shore while they waited for the transport. Eventually, an aircraft was used to transport the former running back to a nearby hospital.

Hillis sacrificed dearly for his valor. When he was brought to critical care, he was comatose and suffering from kidney and lung injury. According to reports, Hillis’ offspring didn’t need medical care.

Following the incident, a variety of health-related rumors started to spread on social media. On Friday, Razorback football did share some encouraging information: – “Considering our guy @thepeytonhillis. I’m encouraged to hear that he’s doing better after rescuing his family in a brave act.

Greg, Hilli’s relative, soon expressed his hope on Facebook. Greg reports that despite the fact that Peyton is still comatose and receiving critical care, he is gradually making a full recovery.

He just wanted Razorback Country to know Peyton is doing great. Although he still requires special care and has some kidney and lung problems, the physicians think he is improving, Peyton’s relative continued.

He merely wished to quell any rumors that might arise. He is certain that he would want everyone to know how grateful he is for all the prayers said in his name!

Hillis has made a few minor progresses in a few areas, but as of Sunday morning prayers were asked due to additional renal worries.

Willis is a proud father of two children and a product of Arkansas. With his ex-wife Amanda Hillis, he has a boy and a daughter.

Despite getting legally separated in 2020, the co-parents were wed in October 2011.

Peyton appears to be dating the actor Angela Cole right now.

She shared a picture of herself and Peyton together with the comment, “I don’t give a damn what people say about Peyt,” last summer. She thinks he is amazing.

She continued, “Sometimes someone enters your life and transforms everything. She will always be grateful to him.

Due to his numerous brain injuries, Peyton was compelled to leave the NFL in 2015.

He served the Denver Broncos, Cleveland Browns, Kansas City Chiefs, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and New York Giants throughout his illustrious tenure. He was also well-known for appearing on the 2012 cover of EA Sports’ hugely popular video game Madden.

We ask for prayers for this young man’s complete and quick healing. We hope he has a top-notch medical staff and caregivers, and gets the same outcomes as Damar Hamlin.


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Prayers are requested for Peyton Hills, who saved his children from drowning but is still in critical care.
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